Abe "Buda" Godoy


Buda has been at Phat Tats since May of 2017. After many years of tattooing unprofessionally he sought an apprenticeship. After a review of his art portfolio, he was granted an apprenticeship working with the tenured staff of Phat Tats to ensure he was learning from a collection of some of the best artists in the industry. We are so fortunate to have found him and pleased with the incredible tattoo artist he has become. He continues to strive hard to develop his craft and ensure that he provides the very best work.

Like his senior mentor Bigman, he likes to do a little bit of everything, but really enjoys traditional color work and watercolor tattoos. His versatility and work ethic are what make him a valuable part of the Phat Tats Family. Come by and see him in action and book you an appointment.

Note: You can also find him at our sister shop, Sacred Trade, located in the Corpus Christi Trade Center on the weekends

Specialties: Watercolor, Color, Black & Gray, Realism, and Traditional