Q.Does the studio accept walk-in tattoos?

A.We are mostly an appointment only studio, but will gladly except any walk-ins if an artist is available.

Q.Do you preform tattoos on anyone under the age of 18?

A.We only provide tattoos on adults 18+, no minors, not even with parental consent. This is based on legal regulations and does not pertain to piercings.

Q.Do you require id?

A.Yes, we require valid identification that shows the client’s date of birth and legal name. Types of id that we accept include: driver’s license, state id's or passport. We do not accept school ids for tattoos. For clarification or questions about whether your id is acceptable, please call (361) 992-7428 or come by the studio during business hours.

Q.Can I bring friends?

A.Yes, we agree that having support can be a great idea for many clients. We do have some space restrictions, so please no crowds, or children under the age of 18 (unless they have a piercing appointment).

Q.Do you do piercings?

A.Yes, we do! We have a great piercer by the name of Adam O’Neill. He is more than qualified to handle all your piercing needs.

Q.How much do tattoos cost?

A.This is the question we get the most, and it’s not a cut and dry answer. Our artists work at an hourly rate (with some specials for half day and full day bookings), and price each piece accordingly. Meeting with an artist in person for a consultation and discussing your tattoo ideas, is the best plan of action.

Q.Do consultations cost money?

A.No, we offer free consultations.

Q.Does the deposit money go towards the cost of the tattoo?

A.Yes, your deposit is a down payment on your tattoo. Once your tattoo is complete, we subtract the deposit cost from the total.

Q.Why do I have to put a deposit down?

A.We require a deposit to hold the time and date that you have scheduled and so no one can book that slot. It is also there to ensure the artist is getting paid for the time they spend on designing your tattoo. If you no-show to your appointment time (without calling and giving at least 24 hours advance notice), your deposit is forfeited.

** we will retain your art in the event you call back and would like to put a deposit down for a later date.

**we do accept reschedules (on a case by case basis – where your original deposit is still intact), if at least 24 hours advance notice was given prior to not being able to make your scheduled appointment.

Q.Is my deposit refundable?

A.No, deposits are not refundable.

Q.How bad do tattoos hurt?

A.Depending on your tattoo design and location, the amount of discomfort can vary to some degree. Generally speaking, tattooing over bone hurts a bit more than over the fleshier parts of the body. Therefore, certain areas can be a bit more sensitive than others. Overall, the pain experienced through tattooing is tolerable and as such, you should be able to carry on a normal conversation during the procedure.

Q.What should I bring with me for my tattoo appointment?

A.Some things you might want to bring along with you are bottled water and/or a sugar-based drink. A small snack such as a granola bar or easy to eat fruit or vegetables are both good options. You want to be comfortable, so dress accordingly. Dressing in layers is always a good idea; even in the summer bring along a sweater. If you want to listen to your own music or watch videos on a handheld device, make sure you bring some headphones along with you.

Q.Is there a minimum price for tattoos?

A.Yes. Our minimum studio price for tattooing is $80.

Q.Do you ever do specials?

A.Yes, occasionally we run specials. You can also sign up to our facebook page to keep track of specials, raffles, promotions, and sign up for our newsletter so we can send you notices regarding promotions.

Q.What options do I have if I come from out of town on the weekend, and want a walk-in or same day appointment and no one at the studio is available?

A.In the event that no one at our studio is available, for your smaller pieces, and walk-in same day quick work, you can check out our sister location, sacred trade. Sacred trade is located in the middle of the Corpus Christi Trade center and is open on Friday – Sunday @ 2833 s.P.I.D., Corpus Christi, TX 78415. Please call the main phat tats tattoo & body piercing studio first for availability @ (361) 992-7428.